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When the winter chill bites, snow and mud become a formidable enemy to your track-style equipment. They stubbornly adhere to your machine’s track frames, creating a relentless cycle of maintenance and downtime. It’s a scenario that’s been endured by operators for too long. But that’s all about to change with ThermoTraxx.

ThermoTraxx is the first-ever aftermarket heating system engineered specifically for track-style vehicles such as bulldozers and skid-steers. Crafted with dedication and precision in the USA, ThermoTraxx is a game-changer designed to combat the harsh realities of working in winter conditions.

Born from a necessity and backed by both design and utility patents, ThermoTraxx is a revolutionary product that has undergone numerous iterations to reach its robust, reliable form. Our product is built to withstand the harshest field conditions, ensuring your track frames remain free from ice and easy to clean. ThermoTraxx is not just an innovation; it’s a testament to tenacity, quality, and the spirit of hard-working operators everywhere.

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Dana A. Hennessy

Co-Owner and Operator, Prefer Traxx, LLC.

With over 30 years in the excavating industry, Dana Hennessy saw the need for improvements in his field and spearheaded the start of Prefer Traxx, LLC. Dana has held various leadership positions within companies across the industry which include: Co-Owner and Operator of Fox and Sons Excavating, LLC, Co-Owner and Operator of Fox Raceway, Co-Owner and Operator of Kinzua, Ltd. With his idea coming to life, and recognizing the need for support from a manufacturing company, Dana crossed paths with JWF Industries, a World Class Manufacturer. Bill Polacek, President & CEO of JWF Industries, has been at the forefront of manufacturing in Johnstown, PA and beyond for the past 36 years. The company now spans across four states and has acquired 1.3M square feet of manufacturing space – making them a perfect fit for Prefer Traxx.

As an owner or operator, time is money. When a machine is down for 20 hours due to a damaged roller from ice and snow, that downtime will hurt the business. Prefer Traxx, now operating as ThermoTraxx, eliminates the risk of your undercarriages parts from being damaged, while saving your operators hours of strenuous work cleaning out frozen undercarriages, all while increasing operator safety.

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