ThermoTraxx introduced their groundbreaking track frame heating system for track-style heavy equipment at the Great Lakes Logging & Heavy Equipment Show in Escanaba, Michigan from Sept. 7-9.

Escanaba, Michigan set the perfect scene for ThermoTraxx to introduce their ground-breaking equipment to the world. The team was overwhelmed by the reception to their product and looks forward to solving the headache of frozen tracks in the field.

Heavy equipment OEMs and their dealership representatives frequented the ThermoTraxx booth inquiring about how the heating system can be applied to their various pieces of equipment. One OEM in particular is starting to redesign the track frame of one of their signature offerings, and the engineering team expressed interest in accommodating the ThermoTraxx system in the design.

Attendees expressed that due to labor constraints and declining timber prices, efficiencies in the forestry industry are vital to an organization’s success. Down-time due to frozen equipment, and time spent cleaning equipment instead of producing, both directly hit the bottom line of logging companies.

Show organizers expressed that the ThermoTraxx system is the most exciting new product in the industry that they have seen displayed in years.

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